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Greater Chicago Food Depository’s 29th Annual Hunger Walk

The Annual Hunger Walk is upon us once again.  

It will be held June 21st, 2014.  More information coming soon.

Check out the Greater Chicago Food Depository here for details on the Hunger Walk – http://www.chicagosfoodbank.org/site/TR/Events/HungerWalk?fr_id=1490&pg=entry


EVV System Implementation

Electronic Visit Verification is a new requirement for the provision of Homecare Services that applies to all Homecare providers. Illinois Department on Aging is mandating that we have an EVV System in place by 9/30/2013, you and your client have received an official notice from IDoA through which the mandate is explained.  You can find those notifications here…

EVV Employee Notice     EVV Participant (Client) Notice

European American Association has decided to go with the EVV Vendor EPAY. EPAY will be providing an EVV System that tracks the work hours of each Homecare Aide by using a Smartphone Application.  The smartphone application will be used to capture; Time, Date, Location through GPS.  This will be automatically logged into the EVV System.

Homecare Aides will be provided a training on our EVV System, the options available for using the system, and how to use the smartphone application.  The details of this training will be provided to all Homecare Aides with their October 1, 2013 paycheck.


Currently, the options we have available for our Homecare Aides are the following:

You may use your own smartphone device (Android or iPhone ONLY) to install and use the EPAY Mobile Application.
You MUST Prove that you have installed the application and that it is functional before we will allow you to use this option.  There is no charge for this option.

You may use a smartphone device provided by EAA.  This device will be assigned to you for as long as you are providing hours of service to clients.  You must sign off on a policy that ensures you understand how to use the device, the reason for using the device, and that you are financially responsible for the device in the event of damage or if it is lost.  This option will be provided to those Homecare Aides who need at $8 per month.

Again the details of the new system will be provided at the Mandatory Training, you will receive notice of this training with your 10/1/2013 paycheck.


We have created a document that outlines how to setup your device with the mobile application, how to login, and how to use the application.  The document is currently in English only but we are working to translate it into – Spanish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.

You can download it here…EAA EVV Mobile Application How To


If you would like to Download the application for Android and iPhone, respectively, please see the following links or visit the Google Play Store / itunes store on your device and search for “EPAY”.


ANDROID: EPAY Mobile Application

iPhone: EPAY Mobile Application – iPhone



EVV Employee Notice    
EVV Participant (Client) Notice

EAA EVV Mobile Application How To
EPAY Mobile Application – Android
EPAY Mobile Application – iPhone

CEDA: Summer Energy Assistance Program

The CEDA Summer Energy Assistance Program is here. 

Contact Margaret or Carmen at 773-342-5868 for more information.  SEE BELOW.


Effective Dates:


Customers currently enrolled in or who received PIPP* in the 2013 Program Year are INELIGIBLE for Summer Cooling Program Assistance.


The LIHEAP Summer Energy Assistance Program is targeted to at-risk households defined as seniors, persons with disabilities, families with children less than 60 months of age as of the date of application, and those with medical conditions that would be aggravated by extreme heat.


Benefits can be provided only to income-eligible households that can be included in one of the following groups:

  • Households that contain a member with a medical condition that can be ameliorated by air condition, such as asthma, emphysema, coronary disease and terminal illness.  Required documentation must include a doctor’s certification letter dated within the last ninety days, stating that the medical condition would be aggravated by extreme heat.
  • Households that contain a member that is elderly (age 60 & above)
  • Households that contain children younger than 5 years
  • Households that contain a member receiving social security disability benefits or with a pending determination case at the social security administration.  Required documentation must include a letter of determination from the social security administration or receipt of Social Security Disability Benefit Statement.



  1. Proof of gross income from all household members for the 30-day period prior to the application date.
  2. Current copy of both sides of the electric bill [if you pay for your home energy directly]
    • Bill must show rates and meter readings
  3. Proof of Social Security Numbers of all household members.
  4. If a member of your household receives TANF, you must bring their Medical Eligibility Card.


INCOME GUIDELINES [Effective July 1, 2013]

Family Size









Gross Income for 30 days prior to Application Date









For Family units with more than eight members, add $503 for each additional member

For more information Contact: (800) 571-CEDA (2332)


*Percentage of Income Payment Program