28th Annual Hunger Walk

It’s that time of year again…Greater Chicago Food Depository teams up with agencies all through Chicago to fight hunger, the 28th Annual Hunger Walk is just around the corner.


Come join us on June 29th, 2013 for some sun and some walking to help bring awareness to this important issue affecting our communities.

Want to walk on our behalf? It’s easy! just click here to download our pledge form.  Use this form to have people pledge

Want to join us for the walk?  Contact Margaret @ 773-342-5868 for more information.

Want to donate / pledge to our organization?  Go here…PLEDGE TO EUROPEAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION

When you get to this webpage make sure to click SEARCH for TEAM and look for European American Association.

REMEMBER: Our Team Name & Number are 
European American Association - A00272

Greetings from the Founder & CEO of Roma Boots

                 roma boots logo christmas
On December 24th, 2010 I was very fortunate to take part in a life altering experience. I had the opportunity of giving away our first pairs of Roma Boots to street children and orphans in Calarasi, Romania. At 7AM that Christmas Eve we packed a couple of vans with 1,000 pairs of bright red, yellow and blue Roma Boots and drove towards our destination. As we approached the sad and gloomy villages, where children were walking through slush and mud in broken shoes or sandals, my heart sunk with sadness.  I kept thinking to myself – my wife along with my 3 and 6 year old daughters are enjoying Christmas Eve with gifts, lights and plenty of food, while these children have no one to look or care for them. Everything seemed gray and cold – There were no lights, no color, not even the slightest indication that it was Christmas – only an eerie silence in the bitter air and every-now-and-then a random dog’s barking.
But soon it all changed.
 As we stopped and began to open the boxes with bright red, yellow and blue boots, the children’s faces beamed with hope, joy and gratitude. Sounds of laughter began to echo in the streets – children were coming from everywhere and suddenly the village came to life. It was such a monumental experience that I knew then that I will dedicate my life to repeating the same experience for children in Romania, Eastern Europe and eventually around the world.
2012 was our best year yet! We started our first ‘boot drop’ in January in Transylvania with Livada Orphan Care. Since then we have established partnerships with World Vision, Global Aid, European American Association and Operation Christmas Child and have provided thousands of boots to children in Central America, Armenia and other Eastern European countries.
As I reflect on this amazing year, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled to be a part of this great endeavor. But more importantly, to have all of you join me on this journey. Our main ingredient has always been love and the entire Roma Story has been a labor of love. Words cannot express how much it all means – Your support, dedication and your willingness to share our story . Thousands of children’s life’s have been transformed as a result and I anticipate that number will be a lot greater in 2013.
Thank you all so much!  
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Samuel Bistrian
See a 2 minute experience of what our ‘boot drops’ look like
Roma Boots - Continuing Around the World
Roma Boots – Continuing Around the World
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EAA says goodbye to a dear friend

In Memory of Jean Bukui.


European American Association says good bye to a dear friend

     On Wednesday September 26, 2012 the staff of European American Association said good-bye to a past president, board member, volunteer and good friend.


Jean Bukiu has been part of European American Association for the past 21 years. One of the many rocks in the foundation which started EAA, Jean put his heart and soul into his volunteering. Whenever Executive Director/Founder, John Herman needed assistance Jean and his brother Florian both rose to the occasion and lent a hand.


Coming from his native Romania in 1987, Jean volunteered with EAA as board member and president. While working as a volunteer in the food pantry he packed and distributed groceries to the Humboldt Park Community.  Jean was an annual fixture at the many hunger walks EAA participated in with the Greater Chicago Food Depository.


Having been in Romania during very turbulent times, Jean spent many years in prison for his beliefs. Jean was a true patriot to his homeland of Romania and while here in the states, he organized “Cultural Nights” to make sure the younger generation knew the great history of their native country Romania. As a writer, Jean published 2 books while living in the states.


Jean will always be remembered as a person who never looked at race, creed or the color of your skin. He treated everyone with respect.  He embraced and learned about each of our history. In a city which is made of so many different cultures, Chicago was the perfect town for Jean. Good Bye dear friend, you will be missed, but your love of life will go on in the many individuals you touched, especially your friends at European American Association!


From the Staff of EAA

Join EAA in Providing Toys for Kids this Holidy Season

     Once again, EAA is proud to announce our participation in the Toys for Tots Program.

     As we are all aware, so many children have a holiday that is spent like every other day. No toys or gifts are given because the family simply cannot afford to buy them anything. Sometimes, families don’t have enough money for the little extras in life, and paying the rent and regular expenses are hard enough.

     With the help of the Toys for Tots Program and your generosity, we hope to put a smile on young faces this holiday season. Since Toys for Tots cannot provide all of the toys, we will be doing our own fundraising. Hopefully, we will generate enough money to assure that we can accommodate everyone on our list.

     With your help, we can make this happen. Simply; hit the donation button on our website listed above, place a note in the comment section, and your funds will be used to purchase toys. Donations for toys will be accepted until the end of the year.

     Starting October 1, 2012, we will be accepting the names of children 13 and under to receive a toy. Stop by the EAA office and sign up your children. We will be accepting names until October 19,2012.

Pictured below: Some of the smiles your generosity provided last holiday season.


Save Senior Services in Illinois!

Call your elected officials and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD – NOW!

The General Assembly has completely ELIMINATED Illinois Cares Rx, a critical program allowing over 160,000 Illinois seniors to get the prescription drugs they need.

As of July 1st, thousands of residents will be turned away at the pharmacy simply because they can no longer afford their prescription medications.

The Community Care Program that helps seniors stay in their home is also slated for cuts.  Not only will this turn people away from services but it may also force them into nursing homes that will end up costing more.

Your elected officials MUST hear from you about this!  Call your State Representative, your State Senator and Governor Quinn and tell them to restore funding for Illinois Cares Rx and the Community Care Program!

Numbers to Call:

  • Call your State Representative at 1-888-616-3322
  • Call your State Senator at 1-800-664-9903
  • Call Governor Quinn at 312-814-2121

Call TODAY and Save Senior Services!

Please click here to download original flyer

“Understanding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Prevention”

The senior population is one of the most affected by Fraud, EAA recently attended a training situation in order to better understand Medicare and Medicaid Fraud prevention.

Click Here For useful information regarding Fraud prevention.


EAA Chicago

GCFD Annual Hunger Walk


Join the Greater Chicago Food Depository & EAA for it’s Annual Hunger Walk!

Every Year GCFD partners up with all of it’s contributing organization to raise awareness about Hunger in Chicago and to raise some money to keep feeding the needy of our great city.


Join Team European American Association

for the 27th Annual Hunger Walk


Saturday June 23, 2012, European American Association will participate for the 21st time in the Greater Chicago Food Depository Annual Hunger Walk.


Saturday looks to be a great day for supporting EAA’s food pantry. Come walk with our team on the beautiful lake front. If you walk on our behalf you will help 2 ways. One, EAA will receive $12.00 for every walker who signs up with our team, Two, you will help support all 650 pantries that are located within the Chicago land area.


All you have to do is meet us at Soldier Field at 8:30am on Saturday morning and you will be a tremendous help. Please see the attached form and bring it to the walk and register with team European American Association


If you are unable to participate, we would ask that you make a donation to European American Association by donating online via chicagofoodbank.org/hungerwalk and join team European American Association as a virtual walker.


Thank you for supporting EAA and helping us continue our mission of feeding the hungry.



Registration Form: Click Here

Pledge Form: Click Here

Call us today for more information!